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Before deciding on which forklift your business needs, consider the weight of your materials, how high you need to store them and how much space you have to move them around in. Battery electric forklifts are best suited to interior work such as for warehouse applications.

The great thing about battery electric forklifts is that they are are fume free when operating, keeping your warehouse harmful emissions-free.

They are extremely quiet and because of the way the weight of the machine is distributed they are much more manoeuvrable than their diesel or gas engine powered competition. This is because the weight of the battery acts as a counterbalance, which enables the forklift to not only be more compact but also better able to turn on its axis.

The ongoing costs of overnight battery charge is considerably less than that of constantly needing to refuel with diesel or replace gas bottles keeping your costs down and there are fewer moving parts, ongoing maintenance and servicing costs are also considerably lower than that of fuel powered machines. 

plus electric forklifts are much easier to drive because they only have two pedals; the brake and the accelerator.

Why Lift Equipt

Owned and operated locally since 2006, we rent and sell a wide range of these versatile Hyundai electric forklifts for any small to mid-size operation. With four locations across WA – Perth, Port Hedland, Karratha and Broome – we’re only a phone call away.

Let our specialists take the guesswork out of buying or renting a forklift. Call us on 1300 22 22 44 or tell us a bit about your business and we’ll match one of our electric lifters to your specific requirements.