BP-Side Loader

BP has been dominating the Side Loader market since 1959. A well known leader in the manufacturing and design of lift trucks, BP side loaders are also now a permanent fixture of the Lift Equipt product range.

Why choose a sideloader?

A sideloader does just what the name suggests. Able to load and unload from the side of the machine, speeding up productivity even when the load is inaccessible to a front loading forklift. A side loader can simply pull up next to the rail, rack or truck and unload from the side rather than the forks being located directly in front of the equipment.

The sideloader is perfect for working in doorways and narrow aisles and longer loads such as pipes, steel and timber can be better handled because the load is facing the direction the machine is travelling in. This can markedly reduce the width of the load and has useful applications in any industry where long materials are regularly loaded and unloaded whether indoors or outdoors.

The load is stabilised on a flat bed, meaning safer movement and because the load is carried on the side, the driver has optimum visibility from behind and in front. 

BP’s new sideloaders come with the option of three or four wheels and can move in all four directions simply by changing the wheel direction.

Additionally, we can supply side loaders ranging from 2-50 tonnes in diesel, LPG and electric. Plus, with our extensive range of attachments available any of our sideloaders can be customised to match your specific requirements.

Shop our range or call us on 1300 44 44 22 to match one of our side loaders to your requirements.