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Product sheet
Capacity (kg): 5000
Fork Lenght (mm): 1200/1400/1600
Load Center (mm): 600/700/800
Tyres: Pneumatic 27×10-12”
Engine: Perkins 404D.22T Turbo 44,7 kW
LPG Version: GM IMPCO 3.0L-L4, 75 HP
Transmission: Hydrostatic Rexroth (electronic control)
Tilting: Chassis

Side Loader with turbo diesel engine (available also in LPG version) and pneumatic tires suitable to operate indoor and outdoor over all types of grounds and under all weather conditions.The strength, solidity and speed of the truck in every situation allows the driver to operate easily and with precision in reduced and/or narrow spaces.

Technical specifications:

  • Turbo diesel engine (also LPG version)
  • 27×10-12 tires for level grounds and 250-15 tires rough grounds
  • Traction is Electronic Hydrostatic with a variable capacity pump and oil-cooler for the hydraulic oil circuit. The Electronic Hydrostatic Transmission has a microprocessor located in the cab that controls the inching function, the starting of the machine and the acceleration curve. The control of few parameters provides for a very high number of possible settings. This simple but very flexible program is able to customize the machine for all operation conditions to obtain best speed performances (forwards and backwards) and a perfectly safe transport of the load
  • Two front steering wheels with power steering (servo assisted)
  • The hydrostatic motor is plugged directly into the differential system providing for maximum power reliably transmitted to the rear axle and steering system.
  • Differential system on the rear axle
  • Special steel profiles of lifting mast with traverse guide rollers mounted on high resistence bearings
  • Complete road circulating lighting
  • Equipped with all mandatory Safety Devices and Systems as specified by EU directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive) and 2004/108/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) 
  • Supplied with Usage and Maintenance Instruction Book, Spare Parts Catalogue and Certificate of Conformity to EU directive 2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive) and 2004/108/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)