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Product sheet
Capacity (kg): 3000
Fork Length (mm): 1000/1200/1400
Load Center (mm): 500/600/700
Voltage: 48 Volts
Power supply: AC
Tyres: Cushion 250 X130 – 406 X 178 
            CSE      16X6-8  200/50-10
Electric Motors: 2 X 5 KW (Traction) – 15 KW (Pump) – 5.5 KW Power steering
Tilting: Fork Carriage

The electronic multidirectional lift truck model ML-T3 is specifically designed for handling long goods in narrow/small indoor spaces such as warehouses. They can operate outdoors and can be equipped with supereleastic tires. The ML-T3 is equipped with AC electronic system and are completely controlled by an on board computer (CAN BUS technology). The ML-T3 can move in all directions (side–front–diagonal–rotation ways) and provide very good maneuverability to the operator.

Technical specifications:

  • Short turning radius and low loading platform
  • AC electronic system
  • CAN BUS technology
  • Alternate current motors powered by a 48V battery (three-phase system)
  • Four steering wheel units controlled by a direct transmission system without chains
  • Four orbital motors directly engaged with wheel unit crown and provide for prompt feedback and perfect synchronization while steering
  • In-out crossed cylinders mast for fast and high precision motion
  • Tilting axle