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Product sheet
Capacity (kg): 4000
Fork Length (mm): 1000/1200/1400
Load Center (mm): 500/600/700
Voltage: 48 Volts
Power supply: AC
Tyres: Cushion 250 X130 – 406 X 178
CSE    16X6-8  200/50-10
Electric Motors: 2 X 5 KW (Traction) – 15 KW (Pump) – 5.5 KW Power steering
Tilting: Fork Carriage

The electronic multidirectional lift truck model ML-T4 is specifically designed for handling long goods in narrow/small indoor spaces such as warehouses. It can operate outdoors and can be equipped with supereleastic tires. This model is equipped with AC electronic system and it is completely controlled by an on board computer (CAN BUS technology). The ML-T4 can move in all directions (side–front–diagonal–rotation ways) and provides very good maneuverability to the operator.

Technical specifications:

  • Short turning radius and low loading platform
  • AC electronic system
  • CAN BUS technology
  • Alternate current motors powered by a 48V battery (three-phase system)
  • Four steering wheel units controlled by a direct transmission system without chains
  • Four orbital motors directly engaged with wheel unit crown and provide for prompt feedback and perfect synchronization while steering
  • In-out crossed cylinders mast for fast and high precision motion
  • Tilting axle