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CVS Ferrari Laden Container Lift Trucks

The CVS Ferrari Laden Container Lift Trucks are available in two basic chassis and three main stacking versions capable of lifting 4×9’6″, 5×9’6″ and 6×9’6″ high. These toploaders have revolutionised the movability of laden containers and would be a highly-valued asset to any port or yard work.

Suitable for both empty and full containers, these machines make lifting, loading and moving safe and efficient to speed up your processes and increase productivity.

CVS Ferrari ECH Range

The ECH range of toplifters is available in two different models: The ‘Empty Container Handling ’ and the ‘Laden Container Handling’ Lift Trucks.

These lift trucks are fully equipped with unique features such as the “Driving Configuration Optimizer” which improves driving stability and reduces tire wear and tear and the “Stacking Height Indicator.”

These machines offer heavy duty capabilities with an extensive range of attachments to suit your needs.

With the top-loading lift trucks, CVS Ferrari have created a class of their own. Some of the other market leading features of these trucks include:

  • The ability to lift from the top, up and over other rails
  • Easy stacking up to 6 containers high
  • Fuel efficiency
  • New and unique features such as the powerful onboard computer system that supervises operational safety.
  • Latest safety technology including the Load Moment Indicator and Limiter – preventing dangerous maneuvers and the
  • Spreader Individual Twist-Lock Status – showing the driver if any twist-locks are not correctly seated

Whether you need a heavy duty laden or empty container lifter, CVS Ferrari has you covered.

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Model F500.RS1
Attachment Type 20’/40′ Top Pick Spreader
Load capacity on tireskg46.000 | 27.000 | 13.000
Load centre distance (+/- out/in rach)mm1.780 | 3.850 | 6.400
Load capacity on stabilizers at 1st/2nd/3rd row ∗mmStabilizers not available
Load centre to front face of the truckmm830
Lifting height under twist-lockmm16.100
Stacking Ability – containersmm1 over 5 = 6 x 8’6”
Service weight – unladenkg68.000
EU Stage 3a Engine make&model (Rated Power)(kW)CUMMINS QSM11 (250)
EU Stage 4 Engine make&model (Rated Power) (kW)SCANIA DC13 (257)
Transmission make&model DANA TE32
Service Brakes Wet Disk on front wheels
Tires size 18.00-25
Overall width – excluding Spreadermm4.185
Overall length – including spreadermm12.000
Overall heightmm4.800
Seat heightmm2.720
Spreader rotation – clockwise/anticlockwisedeg-105 / +195
Spreader side-shift – left / rightmm+800 / -800
Boom Angle (min / max)deg0 /60