22/25/30/32/35 B-9 FORKLIFT

22/25/30/32/35 B-9 FORKLIFT

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Hyundai introduces the 22B-9, a new line of 9-series electric forklifts trucks. This newly designed 4 wheel counterbalance truck provides improved ergonomics and unmatched performance.

This forklift has it all… smooth running, operator comfort, dual AC drive system, low energy consumption, anti roll back, exceptional ramp start capabilities, gradeability and a lot more.

Advanced Safety includes optimised lift cylinder arrangement ensuring wider visibility, panoramic mirrors, strong overhead guard exceeding ISO and ANSI regulations, low entrance height, Led safety lamps and rear reflectors, fork safety features, OPSS and many other safety options are available.

Extended maintenance intervals, enclosed drive and pump motors and brushless AC motors improve efficiency and lower maintenance costs. The ideal arrangement of components ensure easy access & convenience for maintenance.

The reduced diameter of the steering wheel, directional switch on the lift lever and precise control of mast movements brings the 22B-9 to the top of its class.

Engine modelkW / hp
Battery voltage48
Lifting speed unloaded600 mm/s
Engine output410
Load capacity (kg)1500 kg
Turning radius (mm)1540 mm
Travel speed unloaded17 km/h

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